About Serdar Gülgün

The world renowned Ottoman art historian and designer, Serdar Gülgün has been collecting rare objects for nearly three decades. His passion for rarities does not rest at historical artefacts but extends to the realm of nature and compels him, in the true spirit of a naturalist, to collect for his private collection genuine natural curiosities, mainly tortoise and turtle shells of different periods

Seeking to unravel greater beauty out of these extrordinary creations of nature, and to bring them into the world of interior design, Serdar Gülgün harvested the natural elements with the exquisite handcraftsmanship of the Grand Bazaar, In the hands of the finest artisans and jewellers of the six centuries-old Bazaar, his collected tortoise and turle shells transformed into objects of curiosity. Although these fascinating objects were to remain within the private collection of Serdar Gülgün, they also became the original starting point for his current collection.


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