Patrik Muff

Patrik Muff’s passion for unusual pieces of jewellery is visible everywhere, including the long corridor connecting the salesroom to his workshop. After countless antlers, skulls and bones and sacred and secular objets trouvés collected over several years, your gaze falls on a golden Renaissance altar which towers over his work bench. This is where his powerful designs take shape; designs which ignore current fast-moving trends, which might be what makes them so coherent. For Patrik Muff, jewellery is like a well-chosen tattoo: a mark of individuality, personal history and creativity. 


T.  (852) 2520 0281
F.  (852) 2520 0281
A.  G/F, No.8 St. Francis Street, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Opening Hours:  Monday to Sunday, 11am - 7pm

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